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Network Security Systems

Timely access to information through corporate networks is becoming critical for business efficiency. However, access to your organization's network needs to be controlled. In today's rapidly moving business environment, the network needs to be protected from individuals and organizations that may plan to disrupt the services or obtain data delivered through your enterprise network. The only way to protect your network is to build and operate it with a clearly defined security policy in place.
A security policy addresses organizational requirements for access to data and approved access methods. The security policy should be dynamic and requires continuous monitoring and review. Only with a fully complaint security policy should electronic and Internet access methods be implemented within an organization.
At eSar, we deem that the security market dynamics are such that the market is fragmented into different segments. The segments range from access security to application and data (field) security. The segments that eSar is targeting with the solutions offerings are network and Internet security. In addition, the deployment of e-commerce solutions and provision of broader extranet type access to corporate networks and information will provide the major catalyst for the growth in the security market. eSar's security solutions include audits, policy creation, product selection and/or evaluation, product configuration and installation.
To complete the offering, eSar's security solutions are completed with ongoing support services to cater for the dynamic nature of potential threats posed to the integrity of your corporation's network.
Network Security Consulting Services:
  • Security Program Assessment: Evaluates whether or not a customer has a defined Security Program and if so to what extent.
  • Vulnerability Scanning: Process which uses specialized tools (commercial and Shareware) to determine vulnerabilities on systems and their configurations.
  • Penetration Testing: Our Security Professionals will use multiple methods after scanning to exploit and discover ways into and through your network systems. Successful exploitation will be reported through a follow up session and documentation with Executive and Technical recommendations.
  • Security Development & Implementation: Security Program Design, Policy Development, Process Development.
  • Risk Assessments: Determines Cost versus Risk for Decision Support.
  • Security Awareness Training: Employee and Management training to make aware of Policies and use of technology in Information Protection.
  • Security Program Manual: Provides the framework for a customer to utilize for creating a comprehensive Information Protection Program for their organization.