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E-Learning Services

eLearning Solutions

The eSar e-Learning Blueprint outlines the many valuable services we offer in helping you build a winning online education course. eSar is all about tailored online education and LMS services. This means that our e-Learning services are always uniquely customized to perfectly match your organization’s educational goals and needs of your audience.
e-Learning Consulting:

Just like a tailor carefully takes your measurements in order to make you a perfectly fitted garment, one of the most important preliminary stages is creating a winning e-Learning strategy is to assess your exact educational goals and requirements. We also seek to understand who your audience is and to identify the learning gaps that need to be addressed by your online program. We then work with you to create a comprehensive e-Learning plan that accomplishes your educational goals while simultaneously providing you with the expert guidance you need every step of the way.
Speak with one of our expert e-Learning consultants today about your unique e-Learning goals and challenges.

Fully Managed LMS Services- Focus on Educating. We’ll Take Care of the Rest

Enjoy the cost savings and freedom from IT headaches because we've got you covered!
eSar handles every aspect of the award winning, learning management system's setup, hosting, and continued operation so that you can focus on your business and educational goals.
All of our LMS hosting solutions cover everything needed to maintain your e-Learning system including hardware allocation, installation, setup, configuration, and rigorous testing to ensure optimal performance.
Also, we understand that time is money and getting it done today is better than getting it done tomorrow. That's why we take pride in the fact that we can have your system setup and ready to go in a matter of days rather than weeks or months like some other LMS companies and solutions.
And unlike our competitors, our commitment to your platform's success doesn't just stop after the installation. Rather, as an LMS company, we provide a range of vital operational services to ensure that the continuous management and maintenance of your system is just as easy as its initial implementation.
Here are some of the helpful services every eSar LMS package includes:
  • User management including enrolments, profile modifications, account permission setup, and individual user data backup
  • Periodical Course backups, course creation, duplication and deletion, course administration and maintenance
  • Platform updating and patching, database backup, and custom plug-in installation and setup
Additionally, in helping maintain your brand synergy, your learning management platform installation will also be uniquely customized to align with your organizations culture, colors, and imagery.
LMS Implementation:

Enjoy the cost savings and freedom from IT headaches because we've got you covered! From LMS installation to hosting to maintenance, eSar handles practically every aspect of the learning management system's setup and continued operation so that you can focus on your operational and educational goals.

Scalable and Reliable LMS Hosting that Matches your Needs

Let's face it. It's not enough for something to just look pretty. And when it comes to your online program we know that your platform has to work well, and it has to work every time.
So from our years of experience in the industry, we know better than anyone that launching, hosting, and maintaining a successful online program demands the highest level of redundancy and reliability from your supporting technology infrastructure.
That is why all of hosting solutions and facilities utilize state of the art security and are backed by 24/7/365 human network monitoring, performed by highly qualified system administrators.
But what if your program grows and your need increases? Well we have that covered too. Should the need arise, all of our hosting solutions can be upgraded at any time with no long term interruptions to your service or lost data.

Integrations that save you Time and Money

When it comes to the administration of your online course, manually enrolling learners and collecting payments is both a waste of time and money.
Simply put, we can help you get the most out of your e-Learning solution and alleviate these burdens through our expert LMS integration services. Whether you have an existing merchant account you would like to use or want to be setup with a brand new one, from to PayPal and a variety of systems in between, we can make it possible for you to collect payments online and automatically enroll learners into your courses.
In short, you get e-commerce integration from right within your platform. Here are some of the many benefits and features of our integration services:

  • Allow your learners to purchase one or more courses with individualized shopping carts
  • Alleviate administrative and enrolment burdens from your end
  • Let your learners pay online and start learning instantly without having to make a registration call or write an e-mail to your administrative staff
  • Create discounts and coupons for your courses to help promote your learning product right from within your e-commerce system
We live in a world where we want to pay for it now and get it now. Implementing an online payment and instant enrolment framework for your system delivers your learning product to your customer immediately and helps ensure that the expectations of your current and future learners are being met.