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eSar has won the WIRELESS POINT TO POINT project with Marafiq
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eSar has successfully completed turnkey project for SAS Hotel in Jubail Royal Comission for building IT infrastructure

IT Support

Technology is great for business. But who do you turn to when you can’t log on to your systems, access your email or find your files? Who keeps your network running smoothly, solving minor problems before they become major ones?

See our IT support services

Active Monitoring

We can constantly watch for signs of problems with your IT system, then address them before they cause disruption.

Complete IT support

Let us handle every aspect of your business IT, so you can focus on running your business.

Complementary IT support

We’ll handle whichever aspect of your IT you need us to handle.

All of our IT Support plans are customized to fit your needs so that you can worry less about IT and spend more time running your business. Small and medium businesses can fare well in today's tough economy.
eSar is the only IT company that offers a guarantee on our services no one can beat.

Active Monitoring

Don’t they say that prevention is better than cure? With our active monitoring service, we nip IT problems in the bud before they stop your business from working normally.
Active monitoring explained

  • Our custom software (nobody else has it) watches your business computer systems 24/7.
  • It tracks network integrity, memory and disk space, server performance and other ‘heartbeat measures’.
  • When a potential problem is detected, the software automatically lets our support team know. They’re on duty round-the-clock.
  • If possible (and it usually is), an engineer will resolve the problem remotely, without disrupting your staff or work.
  • We’ll notify you of more serious issues, and work together to get them sorted as quickly as we can.

Active monitoring is one of the most powerful weapons in our IT support armoury. It gives us valuable early warning of any problems in your systems, so we can repair them with minimal disruption.
You don’t have to wait for a problem to become apparent, call us for help, then wait while we sort it. We’re always monitoring for you, just in case. And when we do find something, we can usually solve it faster, and with much less disruption.

To find out more about active monitoring, just contact us. We’ll be happy to discuss your requirements. And we promise there’ll be no hard sell – it’s just not in our nature.

Complete IT Support

Unlimited remote support

Contact us about a problem and we’ll log in to your systems remotely to fix it. (We manage to fix about 80% of problems this way.)

Active monitoring

You’ll benefit from our full active monitoring service as part of the support package. Locate and fix problems before they cause any real trouble.

Telephone helpdesk

Phone us and you’ll get straight through to a real person. No need to log a support case and wait hours for a response. Our experts are a call away.

User administration

We will take care of all user and password admin. This includes adding or removing users, changing permission levels and resetting passwords.

Weekly maintenance

We’ll perform key maintenance tasks weekly, like defragmenting hard disks, updating software and doing the little things that keep you network in tip-top condition.

Quarterly review meetings

A face-to-face get together, four times a year. We’ll discuss how things are going, how your systems are performing – and how your requirements may be changing.

Complementary IT support

Our complementary IT support services are designed for businesses which have their own IT staff, but need extra help now and then. You can either choose any aspects of our complete IT support and active monitoring services , or let us tailor a service to fit your exact requirements. For instance, we can cover:

Day-to-day firefighting

In a busy company, it’s easy for your IT team to get overwhelmed with urgent support requests – leaving no time to develop a coherent IT strategy. Let us put out the fires, while you make plans that will help prevent them next time.

Branch office support

When your IT team is in your head office, providing effective support to other locations can be tricky. But because we offer remote support to all our clients, we can probably handle it with less hassle and lower costs.

Holiday cover

Even overworked IT staff need a break at times. Next time one of your employees is on leave or sick, call us. We can respond fast, providing your staff with IT support until your employee comes back to work.

Desktop rollouts and server installations

Rolling out new computers is time consuming. And setting up a server properly takes lots of expertise. Our trained, Microsoft-accredited engineers can do both –usually with no disruption to your business.