Project With MARAFIQ
eSar has won the WIRELESS POINT TO POINT project with Marafiq
eSar's partnership with Jubail Factory Cabling
Last Completed Project
eSar has successfully completed turnkey project for SAS Hotel in Jubail Royal Comission for building IT infrastructure

Our Services


A booming economy has fuelled innumerous organizations to expand and strengthen their IT infrastructure, with an increased focus on Networks. The Backbone of organizational growth.

IT Consultancy

Our IT Consulting solutions can help you optimize key business processes in order to increase output and maximize savings.

Power Management

eSar partners with APC UPS and they have the vast variety services

  • Environmental Monitoring
  • Integration in Network Management System
  • Integration in building Management System
  • ModBus interface
  • ProfiBus interface
Maintenance & Technical Support

With our Software Maintenance program, you receive timely upgrades and enhancements for technology advancements, improved functionality, new industry standards, and trading partner compliance and access to the professionals in our Software Support Center

Website Design & Development

eSar specializes in creating any kind of Dynamic website keeping in mind its customer's specific requirements.

Staffing & Support

The following is a list of job categories and descriptions available through DIR's IT Staffing Services contracts.

  • Business Analyst
  • Database Administrator
  • Database Architect
  • Data Warehouse Architect
  • Developer Analyst
  • Developer

Asset Management

Knowing which IT assets you have and how they are used has become a challenge in today's complex and ever evolving IT infrastructure. A typical IT infrastructure has many different assets of various types, and new assets are being deployed daily to support the evolving business needs. Tracking hardware and software inventory has become a burden for many IT managers.
But taking IT inventory is not enough. Once you gain control over your IT inventory, the next step is to correlate them against the related financial assets, such as contracts, software licenses or service agreements, to understand how they relate to the business and take any actions required. IT Asset Management will help you easily track your assets and understand how they impact your business.