Project With MARAFIQ
eSar has won the WIRELESS POINT TO POINT project with Marafiq
eSar's partnership with Jubail Factory Cabling
Last Completed Project
eSar has successfully completed turnkey project for SAS Hotel in Jubail Royal Comission for building IT infrastructure

Staffing & Support

The following is a list of job categories and descriptions available through DIR's IT Staffing Services contracts.

Business Analyst

eSar reviews, analyzes, and evaluates business systems and user needs to formulate solutions that address business strategies. Prepares solution options, identifies risks, and performs required financial analyses. Documents detailed description of user needs, program functions, and steps required to develop or modify computer programs.

Database Administrator

eSar is responsible for data analysis and database management. It is also involved in maintenance, enhancement, designing of data dictionaries, physical and logical database models, and performance tuning. Coordinates physical changes to databases; codes, tests, and implements physical database, applying knowledge of data base management system. Designs logical and physical databases reviews description of changes to database design to understand how changes to be made affect physical data base.

Database Architect

eSar designs and builds relational databases. We develop strategies for data acquisitions, archive recovery, and implementation of a database. Designs, develops and manipulates database management systems, data warehouses and multidimensional databases. We optimize an organization's strategic goals through the use of enterprise data standards.

Data Warehouse Architect

eSar designs, implements, and supports data warehousing for business intelligence reporting. Understands data warehouse Metadata concepts, tools and different data warehouse methodologies. eSar defines interfaces, functional specifications, relational and dimensional model and physical design. We are responsible for the ongoing architecture and design of the data warehouse, data mart, and reporting environments.

Developer Analyst

eSar Plans, Develops, tests, and documents computer programs, applying knowledge of programming techniques and computer systems. eSar Work involves assisting in analyzing systems to develop programs for computer applications, writing solution programs, documenting the methods and procedures used in program development, and testing and correcting programs.


eSar develops or modifies computer programs using project specifications, statements of problems, and standard procedures. eSar prepares or receives detailed specifications to describe the sequence of steps that a program must follow including the input, output, and logical operations involved. We convert detailed specifications to language processed by computer.

Enterprise Architect

eSar is responsible for translating the client's business requirements into specific systems, applications or process designs with interlocked financial modeling for very large complex technical solutions. eSar analyzes customer service requirements and designs service solutions to meet those objectives. We serve as a primary expert to construct the specific solution, scope document, risk profile, and corresponding financials. We maintain and utilize detailed industry and internal services knowledge in the construction of industry-leading services solutions, including expert working level knowledge of the processes, technologies, and people components involved in the services arena. We Use expertise to construct specific and detailed solutions that encompass process, technology, and staffing plans for customer sales opportunities. We construct risk assessments and corresponding remediation plans relative to complex services proposals. We participate in the construction of detailed financial models that align with complex services proposals.
eSar Composes Statement of Work or other documents, using departmental automation tools as available, to craft detailed and accurate deliverables that specify processes, technology, staffing, and project management involved in proposed services solutions. As needed, provides a "trusted expert advisor" role as a Subject Matter Expert for technical services, to both internal and external customers, ranging from formal advice to internal and external customer presentations. We follow all organizational Standard Operating Procedures relative to cost modeling, approvals and reviews, and all other associated workflow and deliverables.

Help Desk

eSar provide technical assistance to computer system users on a variety of issues. We identify, researches, and resolves technical problems. We Respond to telephone calls, email and personnel requests for technical support. Documents, tracks, and monitors the problem to ensure a timely resolution. eSar may provide assistance concerning the use of computer hardware and software, including printing, installation, word processing, electronic mail, and operating systems.

Network Administrator

eSar Network team installs, configures, and supports an organization's local area network (LAN), wide area network (WAN), and Internet system or a segment of a network system. Monitors network to ensure network availability to all system users and perform necessary maintenance to support network availability. eSar team may implement network security measures. We maintain the network's physical and logical structures, including network connections. We prepare and analyze statistics on network utilization and availability. We perform tuning and capacity planning activities to enhance the performance of the network resources.

Network Engineer

eSar is responsible for installing networking technologies and supporting networks. Assesses existing network configurations and makes recommendations based on product specifications. Configures equipment and software to meet business needs, trains others on the solution, and documents the solution for ongoing support. Provides technical support and assists with the design of network solutions. eSar inherits experience in the technical services and support field as well as experience in network administration (DHCP, DNS, routers, firewall, etc.).

Project Lead

eSar is responsible for day-to-day management of a project team, providing technical team and leadership on complex projects. eSar team is having full technical knowledge of all phases of applications systems analysis and/or programming, manages execution of design, development, testing and implementation activities; actively encourages and facilitates communication between the business analysts, development, and QA teams; and ensures that system requirements are documented, complete, accurate and approved.

Project Manager

eSar designs, plans, and coordinates work teams. eSar team follows standard project management industry practices. eSar understands business and technical objectives of a project and works closely with project sponsor. eSar creates project charter and work plan and tracks budget and schedule progress via appropriate metrics. Documents risks and develops mitigation plans, manages scope, and creates and implements a communication plan. Identifies, tracks, and ensures resolution of issues and removal of barriers.

Software Test Analyst

eSar develops, publishes, and implements test plans. Writes and maintains test automation. Evaluates, recommends, and implements automated test tools and strategies. Develops, maintains, and upgrades automated test scripts and architectures for application products. Also writes, implements, and reports status for system test cases for testing.

System Analyst

Reviews, analyzes, and evaluates technical systems to assess effectiveness and to formulate new or improved technical solutions. eSar determines operational, technical, and support requirements for the location, installation, operation, and maintenance of various equipment and systems. eSar assists in the design, development, and maintenance of various computer applications.

Technical Support

eSar provides assistance in the design, development, and maintenance of various system applications. Installs, maintains, moves, and assists in testing and upgrading new and existing hardware and software. eSar maintains the necessary security controls over software. May develop and make presentations for training sessions. eSar prepares briefings, reports, and evaluations on systems efficiency and utilization. eSar may write and update personal computer and mainframe application programs.

Technical Writer

eSar composes technical documents, manuals, bulletins, brochures, publications, training manuals, and/or special reports. eSar may develop on-line source documentation and maintain documentation libraries, templates, and subscription lists. eSar may also be responsible for coordinating the display of graphics and the production of the document.