Project With MARAFIQ
eSar has won the WIRELESS POINT TO POINT project with Marafiq
eSar's partnership with Jubail Factory Cabling
Last Completed Project
eSar has successfully completed turnkey project for SAS Hotel in Jubail Royal Comission for building IT infrastructure

eSar Information System


At eSar, we offer integrated technology and network solutions, which are at the cutting edge of the global business landscape. In optimizing processes and facilitating transactions, eSar empowers its customers with the right systems to compete in business, with full force. Supported by decades of experience and in partnership with world’s principal technology brands, eSar aims to be a leading solutions provider for key industrial companies and governmental organizations, in a multitude of industries across the Kingdom.

eSar Information Systems is a IT Services & Network Solutions Company, which under one roof is capable and is offering a host of solutions and services to organizations like Industries, Educational Institutions, Government Offices, Hospitals and Hotels. We have partnered with all major industry leaders like Microsoft, HP, Dell, IBM, Cisco, Docuware, Simplified Healthcare Informatics, Avast Anti-virus Reseller, Panduit, ITEC and , APC.

IT Consultancy

We provide the most comprehensive services and solutions portfolio and at the most competitive prices. Our Portfolio includes the following Solutions:

  • Structured Cabling / Networking
  • Networking
  • Complete Wi Fi Solutions (Wireless Lan)
  • IP/Network Security Cameras
  • IT Security Solutions
  • Hardware Supply & Installation
  • Web Site Design and Development
  • ERP & CRM Solutions
  • IP Based PBX / Telephony for Businesses
  • Asset Management
  • Mobile App Development
  • Building Management Solutions
  • Database Management
Our Company

eSar is the leading regional company in providing IT solutions and services. eSar solutions and services cover hardware supplies, networking, and software solutions in addition to archiving and hospital management solutions.
eSar expertise covers the complete knowledge life cycle (i.e. acquire and capture, control and organize, search and discover, and share and disseminate). eSar solutions and services provide corporate and individual users the tools, technologies, systems, best practices and services they require to manage their organization.
Started in the year 2006, eSar has demonstrated solid commitment to its objectives and achieved remarkable successes! Today eSar possesses in-depth expertise and knowledge of networking, cabling, hardware and software solutions.
eSar’s strength stems from a focused strategy that has guided the company development in Information services field, helping us align our efforts and move in a direction to become the market leader in the Eastern province community.
One of eSar’s strong assets is its extensive experience and dedication to providing solutions and services that serve our community needs and address their specific requirements.